Organizational transformation

Drive productivity with improvements in process, people and technology

White Clarke Group’s organizational transformation services provide practical support to customers that seek business, process, operational and technical improvement.

We deliver game-changing capabilities, enabling you to improve your processes, dramatically cut costs, improve employee morale and skills, and drive unprecedented new levels of productivity.

Our industry-leading, end-to-end technology platform, global reach, and strong expertise in fields such as quantitative methods, work measurement, organizational design, Lean and SixSigma best practice, enable us to offer a comprehensive suite of highly methodical business consultancy services.

  • Define scope and agree objectives
  • Analyze existing organization
  • Technology and process design
  • Implementation and training
  • Post-implementation reviews and continuous improvement

By either focusing on individual areas where specific improvements can be made, or taking a more holistic view of the organization, White Clarke Group will work with you to define the scope and objectives of your improvement, based on our wide industry experience.

We will make recommendations for the right technologies, and deliver business process re-engineering to ensure your organization performs to its maximum potential. Crucially, we can help you manage your business through the changes, ensuring that employees appreciate the benefits, and are trained to perform their roles well.

Finally, controls that achieve consistent, repeatable processes will be set in place, along with a program of reviews and continuous improvement. Existing organizational transformation clients include: FGA Capital (Fiat Group), Volkswagen Financial Services, Exeter Finance Corp and Lombard Business Finance.

For more detail on any aspect of CALMS, please contact us today

For more detail on any aspect of CALMS, please contact us today