Increase control and reduce costs by insourcing

White Clarke Group can help you insource elements of your retail finance operations at greenfield sites.

Whether it is dealer services, underwriting, activation, customer services, remarketing or collections, moving some or all of these services back in-house can provide powerful competitive advantages, such as increased control, improved customer service, reduced costs, and better alignment with corporate strategy.

Our strong understanding of retail finance technology, powerful end-to-end platform, and rich experience in developing and implementing target operating models – with all the project, risk and stakeholder management skills they involve – mean we have uniquely wide-ranging insourcing expertise.

  • Target operating modeling
  • Risk identification and mitigation
  • Compliance management
  • Day 1 implementation plans

Your comprehensive target operating model will include a ‘To Be’ organization structure that is based on specific capacity plans – taking account of volume, timings and forecast growth – as well as technology requirements, processes, and a description of how it will all work.

We can help you identify, mitigate and manage risks associated with the new venture, and also keep you on the right side of the law with respect to regulatory compliance. Finally, we will include plans for transition and Day 1 implementation, to help ensure efficient operations through launch and beyond.

White Clarke Group has an enviable track record when it comes to insourcing, having successfully delivered projects for organizations as large and diverse as: FGA Capital, Kawasaki Motor Corporation, and Volkswagen Financial Services, and we can help ensure the smooth delivery of even the most ambitious plans.

For more detail on any aspect of CALMS, please contact us today

For more detail on any aspect of CALMS, please contact us today