Independent Finance

CALMS has become the end-to-end platform of choice for independent automotive credit providers around the globe

CALMS supports the complete lifecycle of financing and leasing contracts from marketing and point of sale through to credit approval, contract management, in-life customer support and re-marketing. And it offers all the benefits of straight-through processing.

Bottom line, that translates into lower transaction costs, higher service levels and improved business integration with partners all along the value chain.

Out-of-the-box, standard configurations mean rapid implementation that fits your commercial needs.

Built on proven, global sector expertise, with complete tailorability built in.

Your own processes, your own workflows and your own look-and-feel all mean that you can configure products and programs that exactly match your customers’ and partners’ needs.

So many reasons for choosing CALMS

CALMS helps you meet change head-on, responding to the unforeseen in markets and customer expectations – turning business threats into business opportunities. Having personalized the system, authorized users are able to make future changes, such as introducing new finance products.

It offers full front, middle and back-office integration.

True straight-through processing to help you maximize operational efficiency and drive down cost. Data capture, line-of-credit structuring, document management and back-office integration – all in one highly configurable solution. Instant decisions and instant take-on in an easy-to-use, seamless environment.

It is the only solution that provides dealer, wholesale, agent, broker, fleet, showroom, call center and customer portals. Self-serve, multi-channel solutions that meet today’s and tomorrow’s customer expectations.

Numerous organizations trust our expertise

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White Clarke Group's consultative approach has helped us to set industry standards and build a sound platform for our future business developments. Graham Wheeler, Managing Director, Volkswagen Financial Services