The ultimate Floorplan Finance Solution for North America

CALMS Compass


CALMS Compass offers high rewards to those with the right business model and supporting technology.

CALMS Compass includes an integrated 24/7 self-serve solution for manufacturers, dealers and suppliers. It offers unrivalled, ‘out-of-the-box’ functionality that is industry-proven and fast to implement. A solution that consolidates all the different systems currently in place at different business units, letting you operate as a cohesive, single entity. CALMS Compass’s rich functionality automates labor-intensive tasks, reducing or eliminating paper dependence during review and in the approval process.

Credit Underwriting

Strong risk management is central to CALMS Compass.

Our system recognizes that floorplan lenders have two customers. Order approval rules allow for uninterrupted - and untouched - flow of goods between supplier and dealer, while controlling risk.

CALMS Compass allows you to set credit limits that reflect your own credit policy, supplier risk, collateral type and other factors. It searches out common ownership among your customers, aggregating risk, so you can make informed decisions at individual dealer level or at group dealership level, however complex the ownership structures may be.

Loan Processing

CALMS Compass supports Pay-As-Sold (PAS) or Schedule Payment Plan (SPP), manual and electronic invoice/item purchase, supplier credit memos, supplier debit memos.

The platform makes Two-Tier-Financing scenarios (manufacturer-to-distributor-to-dealer) easy. You finance the inventory from manufacturer to distributor and, as the item moves from distributor to dealer, CALMS Compass relieves the distributor loan and passes the margin to the distributor.

It is an incredibly forgiving system, making it easy to modify or correct transactions – making all the necessary adjustments to income, receivables, payables and discounts. It even adjusts customer charges in the next billing statement – all without a thought from your loan processing staff.

The right choice for North American floorplan finance companies

Whether a small or large-scale operation, CALMS Compass provides all the benefits of modern technology - Oracle powered database, internet deployment and workflow processes.

As for new entrants to the market, they are reassured by the system’s scalability, allowing them to grow easily from early volume to high volume portfolios.

CALMS Compass helps businesses improve operational efficiency, while exercising better control. It smoothes the path into new lines of business and enhances customer service.

CALMS Compass is delivered and supported by our floorplan experts working from White Clarke Group’s center of excellence in the USA.

White Clarke CALMS Diagram

CALMS at a glance

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Outsourcing and Hosting
Cost-effective, flexible and secure alternatives to traditional in-house managed applications.


  • Full automation
  • Single view of your business
  • ‘One call’ capability when handling queries
  • Strong risk management and full credit line flexibility
  • Unique self-correcting environment
  • Customer self-service capability where dealers and suppliers can run their own portfolios
  • Trend analyses and forecasting data


  • Customer invoicing and communications are simplified
  • Access to accurate and detailed customer information is improved
  • Secure self-serve options enhance customer experience, while further reducing internal manual processes
  • Organize and prioritize accounts based on own business rules
  • Group accounts into portfolios
  • Assign portfolios to individual floorplan professionals for effective management control
  • Define own parameters for collection activity
  • Evaluate portfolios against a dashboard of prioritized accounts for collection
  • Create customized ‘Watch List’ of accounts
  • Full history reflects comments made during a collection action
  • Monitor team and individual portfolio manager metrics
  • Intuitive processes
  • Ease of implementation
White Clarke CALMS Diagram

CALMS at a glance

For more detail on any aspect of CALMS, please contact us today

Outsourcing and Hosting
Cost-effective, flexible and secure alternatives to traditional in-house managed applications.

Creating a greenfield retail finance operation, completely from scratch in just nine months from concept to completion, was a remarkable achievement. It is testimony to White Clarke Group’s deep expertise in this sector. Martin Thomas, Managing Director, FGA Capital

We were very pleased with White Clarke Group's engagement.
Not only did they provide a feature rich end-to-end solution but also fully engaged in all aspects of the project, delivering the project within a very aggressive timeline. Vince Bilotto, IT Manager, Kubota Australia Finance

We now enjoy significantly improved data security and can monitor performance so much better. Bottom line, we can manage risks more effectively than ever before. Alexander Müller, Heidelberg Print Finance International GmbH, Germany

EBV is very pleased with White Clarke Group and their success on the SEPA project. Maik Skottke, Head of IT, EBV-Leasing Gesellschaft m.b.H Co. KG (Erste Bank)

Our intention is to drive growth through in the dealer wholesale funding space, so we need to be sure we have the best possible technology in place to support our ambitions. Peter Turnbull, CIO, Bank of Queensland Finance

It is good to work with a company of professionals who really understand the intricacies of the leasing sector, as well as being sensitive to the cultural changes necessary when entering a new marketplace. Nic van Meir, Director eBusiness, LeasePlan Corporation

We’re very pleased with White Clarke Group’s execution of this project. We wanted to move fast and with the leadership of White Clarke Group the project was completed successfully on schedule in just four months. Bill Besgen, President, Hitachi Capital America

White Clarke Group's consultative approach has helped us to set industry standards and build a sound platform for our future business developments. Graham Wheeler, Managing Director, Volkswagen Financial Services

The White Clarke Group product offers all the functionality and flexibility we need to keep developing new market-leading products. It also gives us a proven platform for growth. Phil Baranski, Group Credit Risk, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

White Clarke Group's level of support and expertise and professionalism was nothing short of brilliant. Both the team and their CALMS solution have absolutely delivered on their promises. We look forward to a continuing partnership. Wayne R. Cook, Community Savings Credit Union

Technology is a key consideration for a dealer when selecting a finance partner. White Clarke Group's CALMS provides a clever dealer/finance company interface that makes the process of managing inventory extremely simple. Paul Arthur, Head of Motor, Bank of Queensland Finance

The team at White Clarke Group has managed to gain our confidence through their competence and expert knowledge. For this reason we have decided to align our future strategy with White Clarke Group. Günter Strobl, CIO, Raiffeisen Leasing

White Clarke Group is a very flexible, adaptable company to deal with - prepared to work around what we wanted, rather than presenting a fait accompli. That sums up their ethos. Steve Gowler, Managing Director, Nissan Finance

CALMS is completely web-based which gives us the significant advantage of making changes to it ourselves. Being able to configure the system internally gives us that all-important speed to market. Brian Williams, Commercial Director, FGA Capital

White Clarke Group's major strengths include deep industry knowledge and good quality people.
They are also the only vendor in the market able to offer such an SAP-compliant CMS solution which gives us a clear business advantage. Dieter Bornemann, IT Director, Volkswagen Financial Services

We’re excited to be able to offer this new program to Yamaha dealers and believe that our new relationship with White Clarke Group is an integral component of this new program.
Leone Foxwell, National Manager Inventory Finance, Yamaha Motor Canada

A partner with experience and credibility, who had a certain scale, and who had the stature to come to us and challenge our thinking. Nick Ockwell, CIO, Exeter Finance Corp