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Sweden – Asset and Auto Finance Country Survey 2012


21 Feb 2012

White Clarke Group has just published a country survey on Sweden which examines the Swedish Asset Finance marketplace. Everything from the banking and leasing landscape to regulatory issues. Among other things it includes an analysis of public sector and car leasing in Sweden, together with the opportunities and threats that leasing operations face.

With a citizenry of only 9.4 million, Sweden is not a very populous country, yet despite this, it punches above its weight as an economic hub.

Sweden is home to many well-respected companies with proud histories of innovation and invention, from Ikea to Scania, and Sony Ericsson to Volvo. Sweden's estimated per capita gross domestic product (GDP) of US$39,100 in 2010, according to the CIA World Factbook, puts it in 23rd place in the world rankings.

Its GDP grew by 5.5% year on year in 2010 – although it had contracted by roughly the same amount (5.3%) the year before. The Doing Business report, produced by the World Bank, lists Sweden as being in 14th place out of 183 economies in terms of “ease of doing business” in 2012. This is a fall of five places from 2011, where it was listed as being in ninth place, but is still a very high placing.

The service sector dominates the Swedish economy, the CIA World Factbook says, accounting for an estimated 71.5% of GDP in 2010. Industry, by contrast, makes up 26.6%, with Agriculture only 1.9%. Sweden's largest trading partners are Germany, the UK, and its Nordic neighbours Norway, Denmark, and Finland. Its exports were worth an estimated US$160.4bn in 2010, against imports of US$149.5bn.