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Germany – Asset and Auto Finance Country Survey 2014


02 Jul 2014

Germany has an economy that is one of the great post-war success stories, the fourth largest in the world, based on manufacturing and exporting expertise and backed by exceptional depth in innovation. It is the powerhouse of Europe, resting on the solid foundation of its small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), collectively known as the Mittelstand, which have proved to be resilient and adaptable in adverse conditions.

It is not surprising that Germany also has a leasing industry of similar standing and maturity. There are around 500 registered leasing companies, handling some 1.6 million new business contracts annually, with 85% of these leases being taken out by SMEs.

This Country Survey aims to provide a balanced assessment of the equipment and auto finance market in Germany. The survey covers the following areas:

  • A summary of recent leasing activity;
  • The current economic and business climate and forecasts for 2014, including a focus on the Mittelstand;
  • Insights on the current state of the market, its outlook and the challenges and opportunities that face it − provided by a selection of key industry figures;
  • The latest developments regarding taxation on leasing; and
  • An update on legal and regulatory issues affecting the leasing industry in Germany.