Jonathan Dodds

Jonathan Dodds

Chief Executive Officer, Americas

Jonathan, who is responsible for White Clarke Group operations in the Americas, has a long history of business and IT consultancy in the financial services arena. He began his career with what is now HBOS in a consultancy role that spanned both IT and business operations, working in the lending/collections area.

After five years in that role, Jonathan was head hunted by a Norwegian software company specializing in retail banking and worked out of Oslo as a senior consultant, with particular responsibility for implementation. Recognizing his skills and industry expertise, a multinational software vendor specializing in asset finance solutions recruited Jonathan to head up their large consultancy division, where he worked in partnership with a number of global commercial credit companies.

Jonathan joined White Clarke Group in 1998 in a consultancy and key account relationship role and headed a number of strategic customer initiatives, including a project to help a major client launch its end-to-end auto finance platform. In 2005 he moved to Toronto as Chief Operations Officer and under his leadership helped White Clarke Group expand its North American client base. In 2010 Jonathan was appointed as CEO of the Americas with responsibilities for Canada, USA and Latin America.

Jonathan is married, with two teenage boys. His North American territory is ideal for his two passions outside the family - skiing and scuba diving.