Anna Lepp

Anna Lepp

Global PR & Marketing Director

Anna Lepp joined White Clarke Group in 2010 bringing with her significant experience in international marketing, software and exhibitions drawn from leading organizations such as Mercedes-Benz. She has successfully communicated White Clarke Group’s position as market leader in software services to the auto finance, asset finance and lending sectors; demonstrating the company’s deep knowledge of the markets in which it operates. This has been achieved, for example, through in-depth reports and videos which under her direction have become the de facto briefing sources for the industry.

She has consistently promoted and communicated White Clarke Group’s brand values across all channels – from print, through conferences, web and even in the look and feel of the White Clarke Group product portfolio itself. These are values which in many ways she embodies. Anna is passionate about innovation and works constantly to improve. She can be found at the heart of asset and auto finance conferences worldwide representing the business from what is invariably the most impactful corporate stand in the room.

Anna in interested in yoga, music, languages, innovation and property development.

She graduated from Tallinn University, with a degree in Advertising and Media in 2006.